How to Start Karting

If you want to compete in karting, come to some of our meetings and chat with the competitors. Everyone of them will be happy to talk but choose your moment; the waiting (holding) area pre qualifying or pre race is not the best timing to ask questions. Essentially what you race depends on your age. We have a new TKMRR-Junior class for 11-16 year olds and after that youre classed as an adult so you could race any of the 100cc direct drive classes or the Class4 gearbox karts powered by motorcycle engines.

You will need your own kart but again, talk to some of our drivers and mechanics before buying anything as lots of older karts are sold on Ebay and listed as ‘Historic’ but are still too new for our class structure. Each driver will need their own crash helmet, leather gloves, boots and kart racing suit. Details of these can be found in our Sporting Regulations.

Once you have your kart and checked it over for safety the best thing to do is attend one of our test days which we hold on the Saturday of each race weekend. Introduce yourself to some of the drivers and you are assured of a warm welcome and lots of help & advice.